About the Author


Marilyn Cavanaugh is a mother of four, grandmother of six with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. Having a strong passion for poetry, she wrote A Christmas Mouse for her children in 1980. Marilyn was born and raised in North Haven, CT. as Marilyn Senecal.

She attended Southern Connecticut State Teachers College where she majored in Elementary Education with a minor in English. After marriage, she completed her B.S. Degree at the University of Idaho.

Much of her life has been spent living in remote and isolated areas of the US, where she had plenty of inspiration to write poetry and short stories. More of her writing can be found on, http://tglyf.blogspot.com/

Marilyn is a mother of four, grandmother of six, who currently resides in Port Orchard, WA. Although writing has been a longtime passion, she has also been in theater productions, a scout leader for 8 years, genealogist, and avid novice landscaper.

Widowed at age 45, she had to finally get her driver’s license at age 48. She has tanned deer hides, made jams, bread and wines from scratch and enjoyed overcoming the challenges life has provided.